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How to Become a Good Chef Staff

There is no recipe for culinary success, but there are a few key ingredients. You might be a good chef if, one; you’re able to discover new and inventive ways to prepare and serve food. Two; if you’re able to invade the barest cupboard and come up with a dish even the pickiest eater would gobble up. And three; if you are convinced you could win any cooking show contest. If you have all these qualifications, then you are halfway of becoming a good chef. What does a chef do? Invents new dishes, develops recipes, and creates menus. Maintains safety...

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The Most influential Chefs Staff

A chef is a person who is a highly trained, skilled professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation of a particular cuisine. The word "chef" is derived from the term chef de cuisine, the director or head of a kitchen. Here are the list of the most influential chefs worldwide according to the search recorded in different search engines. Gordon Ramsay – 48 yrs. Old, born in Scotland. Scottish chef and television personality who became notorious for his critical and oftentimes belittling demeanor on the ITV series Hell's Kitchen. Buddy Valastro – Born in New Jersey....

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Is becoming a Chef a Good Career? Staff

A chef is a culinary worker who cooks and creates meals and dishes for a restaurant or similar food establishment. A chef may also assist with various managerial and administrative tasks involved with operating a restaurant. Numerous understudies select in culinary school with the position of gourmet specialist as their vocation objective.   All chefs need a high degree of training and professional experience before they are able to manage and maintain their own kitchen operation. Although many chefs have completed four-year university degrees, training can be completed at technical schools, culinary arts schools or community colleges. While in school, prospective...

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Chef’s Title Staff

The titles listed below are given to those working in a professional kitchen. These titles were based on The French Brigade system documented by Auguste Escoffier. He was a French chef and a culinary writer who popularized the traditional French cooking methods. The Executive Chef or Chef Manager, is the person in charge and the highest position in the kitchen. Earning this title is not as easy as A-B-C as you have to work your way up to become an Executive Chef. Here are the positions you have to go through before earning the, “executive chef title.” Sous Chef -...

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Restaurant Cleaning and Food Safety Staff

Restaurants must keep up a clean and hygienic environment for the health and safety of employees and customers, as it is the most vital thing in running a decent restaurant.  Disinfecting all work surfaces is a critical part of the restaurant cleaning process. Surfaces on which food is cleaned, chopped, or otherwise prepared should be sanitized when moving from one food group to another—such as from raw meat to vegetables. In addition, stoves, fryers, pans, grills and ovens should also be cleaned on a regular basis, as well as all restaurant floors.     Cleaning and sanitizing procedures must be part...

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