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Chef Wear - Find the Right Uniform Staff chef wear

Chef wear is important if you want to become a chef and enter the restaurant kitchen. Before you get the chef uniform it is important for you to know the fabric type, need of the uniform and the different types of chef uniform available. The chef uniform all over the world has the similar design. Today the designers are trying to make some innovation in the old design chef uniforms.

The Clothes Included in the Chef Uniform:

Scarf, Jacket, Apron, Bandana, Bow tie, Pants, Handkerchief, Hand gloves, Chef hats are included in the chef uniform. Each of the accessories in the chef wear has their own function while you are working in the kitchen. The chefs might not wear all these accessories most of the time, but in some restaurants it is a rule to wear all the above accessories of the chef uniform. The chef uniforms are normally available in white color as the color white resembles purity and peace. Today the chef uniforms are available in various attractive colors in order to attract the customers. Some restaurants print their logo on the chef aprons and chef hats so that the customers can identify that the chefs belongs to the particular restaurant. The main purpose of the restaurant owners for buying the chef uniform is to make their restaurant staffs look alike with the same uniform.

Purposes of Chef Wear Accessories in Detail

  • The main purpose of the chef bandana is to absorb the excess sweating while you are cooking in the kitchen. The bandana will keep the chef cool and comfortable while they cooking in the kitchen. Most of the chefs wear the aprons instead of bandana because they are easy to wear and comfortable. The chef wear is generally made of pure cotton so that it will keep the body of the chef cool while they are in the kitchen.
  • Handkerchief will keep the hands clean while you are cooking so that your uniform does not get dirty.
  • Chef hat is worn by the chef because it is the symbol of chef’s caliber. The chef hats are available in various sizes. It is believed that the chef hat size is decided on the basis of the rank the chef deserves in the restaurant. The chef will have a larger hat if they have higher rank. The main reason for wearing a chef hat while cooking is to prevent any hair strand to fall in the food while cooking.
  • Chef pants are available in the white checks and black checks so that it complements well with the white chef jacket. You must get the chef pants that are made of cotton so that it will keep you cool with proper air flow.
  • Chef jackets are worn by most of the chefs in the big chain restaurants. You should choose the chef jackets that are comfortable for you to wear.
  • Finally the bow tie completes the entire look of a professional chef.

These were some of the important accessories that come with chef wear for the chefs to wear while cooking.

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