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Chef Hats While Cooking Staff chef hats

The chefs are quite punctual when it comes to choosing their professional chef outfit. The hats play an important role in the profession of the chefs. The traditional color used for making the chef hats was white but since the trend is changing the hats of the chefs comes in various other color shades apart from white. Some of the latest shades available for the hats of the chefs are blue, gray, red, black and checkered. It is important for the chefs to wear their chef hat in order to prevent any stray hair from falling into the dish that they are preparing. There are several stories available behind the hats of the chefs. It is said that once one chef was beheaded by the king because he found strand of hair in the soup and since then it became a rule for all chefs to wear the hats while cooking.

The hats are available in different sizes and each chef will get their chef hats based on the years of work experience. Chefs in almost all big and small restaurants use the hats while cooking. All hats of the chef are available with the Velcro headbands and elastic that is adjustable so that one size of hat can easily fit into all head size. Earlier it was believed that the stiff cotton hats are always best and gives a crisp look to the chef but now even the polyester hats are highly popular among the people. The polyester hats are easy to maintain compared to the cotton ones. The pleats of the hats are easily maintained without difficulty.

Why Chefs are Switching to Colored Hats

It is quite commonly seen that the other cooks and chefs wear the colored chef hats but the head chefs of the restaurant still wear the white colored hats. One of the best advantages that the chefs get by using the colored hats is that they do not get dirty easily. The polyester hats soak more sweat than the cotton ones and this is another reason for using this hat. Most of the restaurants are opting for the colored hats for the chefs rather than the white colored hats.

How to Choose a Chef Hat

When you choose the chef hats you need to check out few important things and the points are given below:

  • It should be easy to wear
  • Fits comfortably on the head
  • If you choose the cotton hat, then make sure it is of one hundred percent premium cotton.

There is also option given to make the hats for the chef at home with paper. The paper made chef hats are also commonly used as they are disposal hats and when get discolored can be replaced with the new one. You can have the chef hat in different styles and some of the styles are baseball cap, beanie and the head wraps. You can choose any of these according to your choice and serve the dish to your customer in a clean and hygienic manner.

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