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Chef Hats - Why They Are Important For The Chef Staff chef hats

Chefs always wear a distinct hat while they are working in the kitchen area and since the hats are a part of their uniform they need to wear it. These hats are known as chef hats or torque blanche. When the chefs prepare any dish, the dish has to be perfect and if they do not wear a hat then there is a great chance that the stray hair might fall into the dish. This is the main reason why the chefs wear their hats in order to stop the hair from falling. You will find most chefs use the net hat to cover the entire head and then on top of that they wear the chef’s hat. This is the best way to lock their hair and serve your customer with hygienic food. The hats of the chefs are being used by the chefs from the early sixteenth century. It is necessary for all restaurant cooks to wear the hats even the small restaurants to prevent any unpleasant scenes created by the customers when they get hair in the dish served.

The chef hats come in different sizes and shapes, and the size of hats will be based on the experience of the chef. Generally, the head chefs get hats of twelve inches high since their years of experience are more. The food inspector always make a surprise visit to the restaurants and it is said that if the chefs are not wearing the hats while cooking in the kitchen then the food inspector will not give any points. That means it is also a rule to wear the hats while cooking. The hats can fit any head easily because they have Velcro fit or elastic. Most of the big restaurants imprint their hotel or restaurants logo on the hats of the chefs so the people can understand from which hotel or restaurants the chefs belong to.

What you need to check before purchasing a hat for a chef

You need to consider the quality of the chef hats when you purchase them and they should be:

  • Poplin chef hat
  • Poly cotton poplin chef hat
  • Hundred percent premium cotton twill skull hat

The hats that are made up of cotton fit perfectly on the head of the chefs and there is no chance of slipping off from the head while cooking. They can cook or prepare the special dish conveniently and comfortably.

Types of hats for Chef

There are different types of chef hats available and some of them are stretch cap, head wrap, and beanie. The beanie has a flat top with straight sides and has a cylindrical shape. The stretch cap looks like a baseball cap and fits on the head more snuggly. You will also find elastic given on the base of the hats in for a comfortable fit. The head wraps of the chefs just look like the bandannas and this is made as a wrapper for the top of your head. You can tie it at the back with the help of the long flap of fabrics given. So you can choose the chef hats from so many options.

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