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Chef Hats Give a Clean Look to the Chef While Cooking Staff chef hats

Chef hats are the uniquely designed hats of the hat family. The experience of a chef is generally identified by these hats. Everyone working in the kitchen whether they are cooks, chefs or other people should wear these hats. The size of the hats differs with the experience or ranks of the chefs. The wearer of these hats sets a statement when they enter the kitchen. The major reason the chefs wear the hats is to lock their hair falling into the dish while cooking. The hats that the chef wear are popularly known as the chef’s hat and in some place it is also called as toque blanche. These hats will cover the entire head of the chef and they can cook the dish in a convenient way. When you are serving the dishes to the customers then you need to make sure that they are clean and hygiene and there should not be any hair.

The chefs in the early sixteenth century started using these chef hats in the kitchen while cooking. Now it has become a rule for the chefs to wear these hats while cooking in order to get points by the food inspector. Now even the chefs and cooks of the small restaurants are wearing these hats while cooking in order to prevent any problem. You will find the hats in innumerable shapes and sizes. The head chefs generally have more experience and rank high in position and this is the reason they are given the hat as high as twelve inches.

You can get the chef hats that are made up of mix material because they are stiff clothes and it fits on the head perfectly. You can even get these hats in disposal types that are made up of fiber mix and paper.

The types of Hats available for the chefs

When you are looking for the chef hats there are different styles available. Each hat make the chef look professional and gives them clean look when they are in the kitchen.

  • Beanie- The beanie is available in a cylindrical shape that has the straight sides. The top of the beanie is flat and fits on the head perfectly.
  • Head wrap-This has the look of the bandannas and the head wrap look alike. The head wrap covers the top of the chef’s head. The wrap has long fabric flaps so that one can tie the head wrap at the back conveniently.
  • Stretch cap-This is similar to the baseball cap but has no brim. This fits on the head of the chef more snugly.

Why have a White chef hat?

The white uniforms of the chefs are quite common and to match the uniform the chef hats are also available in white. Chefs choose white color because this shows the cleanliness of the kitchen where the chefs work. The white color will keep reminding the chefs about the sanitation and cleanliness when they are serving the dish to the customers.

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