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Cooking with Chef Hats Staff chef hats

Did you ever think from where the hats for chefs came or what is the main story behind the chef hats? The true origin of these hats is fully not known. What people know is that they have a history which is before Christ was born. Most scholars believe that chefs from Iran and some other eastern countries used to wear these types of hats at that time. The style of hats has undergone many changes with time, but their purpose still is not changed, that is to keep chef hair back, as well as to avoid the falling of hair into dish which is being prepared. Beyond its functional use, these hats even carry along with them a unique tradition of the symbolism. A head chef is an individual who wears chef hat along with lots of pleats, which signifies that this individual is an experienced chef. Most of the chef hats now are made by using paper rather traditional cloth. There are even different styles to select from, such as hats made of twill and poplin and also hats with skull cup or beanie styles.

Different Purposes of Hats

There are several purposes why chef wears hats and they are as follows:

  • Sanitary consideration is the main reason why chefs wear hats. Hats keep hair covered and avoid stray hairs to fall in the food. Hat brim even absorbs sweat.
  • Chef hats not even avoid hair to fall in the dish, but it even keeps hair away from chef’s face. Tall toque even gives comfort as it easily allows air to properly circulate, as well as heat to fully rise off from the chef’s head.
  • Traditionally, a head chef used to wear a hat with about hundred plates, but now this might not be the same case. Today the total numbers of plates do not matter.

Get the Best One

There is different variety of hats available for chefs. You need to just select from different traditional hats, skull caps, toques and head wraps and get the right fit as per your head. These hats come in different sizes and shapes, based on the years of experience of the chef. Thus, it is quite possible that hat height can be 12 inch also. They are made by using either cloth such as cotton or using disposable paper. They come in size that fits all head size. These hats come in black and white color or black and white checkers. White color chef hats are most popular and mostly used by number of chefs all over the world. Chef hat is the main part of a uniform in any restaurant kitchen, now most of the people buy chef hats as a part of any costume or just for some fun at their backyard barbecue. If you are planning to shop for chef hat then there are many online sites that can help you out. So just look for some great hats and enjoy serving dishes to your customers.

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