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Hats: An Identity of Chefs Staff chef hats

The best thing while working in the kitchen is the year old tradition. Starting from the different techniques used for preparing dishes to chef’s uniforms, everything has got some history. When you step across the kitchen line, you also become a part of years of historical traditional, which dates back more than two thousand years ago. Chefs wear their tidy uniforms throughout their working hours every day. Chefs wear unique hats which are popular as toque Blanche or chef’s hat, when they are in kitchens. Chef hats are completely unique and are popular throughout the world. They identify chefs from other workers at kitchen. All cooks and chefs working at kitchen wear hats, but everyone will have different hat style, depending on the ranks, to differentiate them. Whether it is a disposable hats or cloth hats, every hat that chef wears make a great statement whenever the wearer makes an entry in a room.

Reason to Wear Chef Hat

One of the most common reasons why chefs wear hats while working in kitchen, is to prevent the falling of any hair from their head into the food being prepared. Most of the chef’s use head net which covers their head and over it they put chef hats. This helps in locking the hair in one place and gives not even a single chance of hair falling in dishes that are ready to get served to their customers. These hats have got a long history and today even a small restaurant also needs it chefs and cooks to make use of hats when cooking, for avoiding any unwanted scenes because of hair in dish served to a customer.

Different types of hats

Chef hats are available in different size, styles and colors, which can easily fit any size of head.

  • Toque is a type of chef hat with narrow brim or without brim. Traditional toque is stiff and tall, but its modern version is available in different colors and also flops at one side. Now the height and pleats of this type of hat do not hold any bearing in the chef seniority, but it does differentiate chef from other staffs. Toques are now made with disposable paper instead of fabric. Traditional toque color was white.
  • Chef hats are also available for cooks in kitchen who currently are not head chef. Their kind of hat is called beanie and is available in black or white color or in a checked pattern. They are made either with paper or cloth. This hat fits well on the head and is fitted with elastic or black tie.
  • Every kitchen has got its own attire for chef. In a casual or a less traditional establishment even baseball caps goes perfectly with cooks and chefs. Chef hats in this style can be purchased in some solid color such as black with a logo.

The new trend is leaving behind the old floppy top hats and going for streamlined beanies. All type of chef hats fit well with different types of restaurant. Choose unique chef uniform and your chef will be ready to give his best.

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