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The Chef’s must have knives Staff

Chefs must be conscious of their kitchen tools when planning a menu and understand their use and production capacity. The most important tool when cooking is a good knife, and the knife skills to properly use it, which will come in handy for everything from chopping onions to dicing potatoes.

There are hundreds of tools that cooks everywhere will tell you are necessary for getting perfect results. Using high quality tools is important, especially in the case of knives.  So here are the following list of the must have knives a good Chef should have.

Chef’s knife (or cooks knife) – Used primarily for chopping. A Japanese knife is often used in replacement of the chef’s knife, and it’s called Santoku knife.

Slicing Knife – Used to cut cooked meat. Typically 8-10 in long to span a large roast yet flexible enough to separate flesh from bone.

Boning knife – Used for separating raw meat such as poultry and fish from the bone. Approximately 6 in long with a thin and a flexible blade.

Serrated Knife – Useful on foods that have one texture on the outside and another inside like a hard- crusted or a tomato.

Paring knife - Used for delicate tasks such as peeling, coring or trimming.

Cleaver – heavy, rectangular blade designed to hack through bones and dense material.

A good knife is nothing with a dull edge, so always keep your knife sharp.

Few things to remember.

  • Always hold a knife by its handle.
  • Never attempt to catch a falling knife.
  • Never put a knife in your pocket.
  • Never run your fingers on the blade to check for sharpness.
  • Never cut any product you are holding in your hand.
  • Keep knives sharp and clean – be sure to wash, rinse and sanitize your knife between uses.
  • Never use the same knife when switching from meat to vegetables.
  • Always use an appropriate cutting surface.
  • Do not use knives to open bottles, loosen drawers, and so on.
  • Do not leave knives loose in areas where they cannot easily be seen.
  • Keep knives properly stored.

The chef's knife is probably a cook's most important tool. It's definitely worth making sure you have a good one.

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