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Restaurant Cleaning and Food Safety Staff

Restaurants must keep up a clean and hygienic environment for the health and safety of employees and customers, as it is the most vital thing in running a decent restaurant.  Disinfecting all work surfaces is a critical part of the restaurant cleaning process. Surfaces on which food is cleaned, chopped, or otherwise prepared should be sanitized when moving from one food group to another—such as from raw meat to vegetables. In addition, stoves, fryers, pans, grills and ovens should also be cleaned on a regular basis, as well as all restaurant floors.    

Cleaning and sanitizing procedures must be part of the standard operating procedures that make up your food safety program. Improperly cleaned and sanitized surfaces allow harmful microorganisms to be transferred from one food to other foods. Keeping your establishment clean and sanitary at all times, makes a better workplace and more pleasant for customers to visit.    

Remember that it takes one dirty experience for customers to never return again, thus we generally need to make it clean and tidy. Customers will get an impression about your business the moment they stroll into the entryway.  That means your restaurant needs to be spotless, and here are the top things to keep in mind.

-Prioritize the kitchen’s cleanliness    

-Maintain the dining area     

-Sweep and mop the floors

-Wipe windows and walls  

-Always keep the restroom clean  

Good cleaning habits can break the chain of infection from the source of the disease to the customer and employees.  Every aspect of the facility must be properly cleaned to ensure safe food preparation and handling.  It is of the utmost importance that you maintain your kitchen, food storage, and dining facilities to the highest cleaning standards. The cleaner a restaurant is, the more likely it is headed for success.   

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