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Chef’s Title Staff

The titles listed below are given to those working in a professional kitchen. These titles were based on The French Brigade system documented by Auguste Escoffier. He was a French chef and a culinary writer who popularized the traditional French cooking methods.

The Executive Chef or Chef Manager, is the person in charge and the highest position in the kitchen. Earning this title is not as easy as A-B-C as you have to work your way up to become an Executive Chef. Here are the positions you have to go through before earning the, “executive chef title.”

Sous Chef - The assistant chef second in command to the executive chef. Manages the staff and works on dishes for the menu.

Senior Chef (formerly Chef de Partie) - Assigned one particular specialty menu item in which they excel at preparing. Directs the prep work of kitchen staff and assistant cooks.

Demi chef - Similar to Senior Chef, they specialize in one type of dish. They also direct prep work of the staff assigned to the specialty dish.

Pastry Chef - In charge of creating dishes for the dessert menu. Works with bakers, chocolatiers, and other pastry specialists.

Cooks and Other Kitchen Staff - A cook and other kitchen staff are trained in food preparation but take direction from a particular chef.

Chef, Cook… What’s the difference?

  • A chef is trained to master culinary structures, additionally to give imaginative development in menu, preparation and presentation.
  • A cook is trained to master forms of food preparation, but usually takes close direction from a chef.

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