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Is becoming a Chef a Good Career? Staff

A chef is a culinary worker who cooks and creates meals and dishes for a restaurant or similar food establishment. A chef may also assist with various managerial and administrative tasks involved with operating a restaurant. Numerous understudies select in culinary school with the position of gourmet specialist as their vocation objective.  

All chefs need a high degree of training and professional experience before they are able to manage and maintain their own kitchen operation. Although many chefs have completed four-year university degrees, training can be completed at technical schools, culinary arts schools or community colleges. While in school, prospective chefs take courses in nutrition, food storage, portion control, inventory and purchasing.

Chefs with professional experience and formal training are eligible for certification by the American Culinary Federation. Having this certification can lead to a higher salary and opportunities to work in bigger restaurants, but not really necessary.

Chefs can advance into executive chef and food service management positions, and some chefs become freelancers and work as consultants to restaurateurs and kitchen equipment companies. Typically, advancement usually means working in a busier or more prestigious restaurant.

The culinary business can be a lucrative vocation objective for new graduates and people hoping to propel their professions. As indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the normal beginning compensation of a gourmet specialist ranges from $18 to $20 USD every hour. People beginning in a sous culinary specialist or official cook position are commonly paid on a yearly compensation premise and might shift from $40,000 to $70,000. People who handle the culinary exchange might likewise profit by the capacity to rehearse the abilities they learned in school, and in addition practice their affection for innovative cooking in a fiscally compensating way.

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