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How to Become a Good Chef Staff

There is no recipe for culinary success, but there are a few key ingredients. You might be a good chef if, one; you’re able to discover new and inventive ways to prepare and serve food. Two; if you’re able to invade the barest cupboard and come up with a dish even the pickiest eater would gobble up. And three; if you are convinced you could win any cooking show contest.

If you have all these qualifications, then you are halfway of becoming a good chef.

What does a chef do?

  • Invents new dishes, develops recipes, and creates menus.
  • Maintains safety and sanitation of kitchen work and environment.
  • Supervises and participates in food preparation in a professional or private kitchen.
  • Keeps and maintains inspection, payroll, inventory and other business records.
  • Hires and trains kitchen support staff.

What are the steps to becoming a chef?

  • Graduate High School.
  • Gain work experience.
  • Get a formal training.
  • Work as an apprentice.
  • Become certified.

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