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65/35 Poly/Cotton Twill Chef Clothing

Fabric and clothing made from this combination has positive characteristics. Poly/cotton fine linen twill chef coats are known to be very durable, a lot of stains can be easily removed from them and they are very comfortable. Even in the messiest kitchens, these coats are the most appropriate because at the end of the day you will be able to clean them more easily and come up with a shiny, clean and a wearable coat. When worn, they give you a sharper appearance and you can wear them daily provided that you can clean them daily.

There are several types of the 65/35 poly/cotton twill wear for chefs that you can opt for:

  • Steel snap button type which is trendy, stainless and is very easy to clean
  • Single breasted poly/cotton type that has been complimented with some kind of piping
  • Crossover collar and five stainless buttons that bring out its flair
  • Short sleeve moisture management coat that is very suitable when it is extremely hot
  • Three quarter server shirt that is epically unisex
  • Cloth knot that includes a very comfortable hat