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All-Clad Cast-Aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven - The Chef Hat


All-Clad Cast-Aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven

$ 99.96 $ 159.95
Perfect for slow-cooked chili, roasted meats, stewed vegetables and more, this cast-aluminum Dutch oven is ideal for searing on the stovetop and then adding liquid to braise or deglaze. A domed lid locks in moisture, so cooking foods are steadily basted in their own flavorful juices.
An excellent choice for one-pot meals, this Dutch oven is suitable for a wide range of cooking techniquesâincluding stewing, browning and slow cooking. The nonstick coating results in easy searing and browning, and thanks to the cast-aluminum construction, the oven is significantly lighter than similarly sized pans.

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